AbeBook Settings


AbeBooks Settings in SellerExpress

To enter your AbeBook Settings click on Channels and select ABE Settings.

Here you need to enter your FTP UserName and FTP Password.

To find your username you can get this using this link -


You will need to change enabled to Yes and set your Default Currency to either Pounds or Dollars; don't forget to click on Update to save the settings.


AbeBooks users must have "Asynchronous Multi-Order Processing” turned on for SellerExpress to get FTP file access to their accounts. Please contact inventory@abebooks.com to request this and to request your FTP Username and Password.

Next, click on the plus symbol to open the ABE Pricing Rule / Listing Percentage tab.

Here you will need to set the listing percentage which lets you decide how much of your stock will be listed onto AbeBooks.

Finally you can choose what your AbeBooks price is based on—you can choose to base it on your Cost Price, Sale Price or Amazon Price and also include a plus or minus value or percentage. 


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