Rakuten Pricing Settings


The bottom section on the Rakuten Settings page is to set your Rakuten pricing which also includes a marketplace quantity setting. You can find the settings from from the Channels menu and selecting Rakuten Settings.

So you can set the percentage of your total quantity you would like to list on Rakuten on this screen or set for all marketplaces from the marketplace quantities screen. for more information on this please see more details here.

 Here is where you will set your prices for Rakuten.

  • You can base your Rakuten price off either cost price, default sale price, or Amazon price, you can select that from the drop down menu on screen.
  • You can then select if you want to mark your price up or down from this.
  • In the next box you can select the value that you want to mark your price up or down by.
  • Then select if you want to use a percentage or value.

Please note: This does not include your postage which would be set directly on Rakuten.


If you are unsure of how to link your Rakuten account please click here for more information.

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