FAQ: Listing Deactivated On Amazon.


To help prevent pricing errors Amazon have setup a new Safety Net on their site which allows users to enter a Minimum and Maximum (Min/Max) Price for each of your listings. These Min/Max Prices are separate to the Min/Max Prices you set in SellerExpress.

If you don’t set a Min/Max Price on your products on Amazon, Amazon will apply their own Min/Max Prices. This can lead to your listings being deactivated by Amazon if the price uploaded doesn’t fit within their Min/Max.

Why Are My Listings Deactivated?
If your listings have been deactivated it means that a price has been uploaded to Amazon which is outside of the Min/Max Prices allowed.

If you have set your own Min/Max Price on Amazon this means that the price uploaded is outside of these thresholds. You may need to review the Min/Max Prices on Amazon to make sure that Amazons still fit your needs.

If you haven’t set a Min/Max Price on Amazon this means that the price being set is outside of Amazon’s automatic Min/Max Prices for that product. The best way around this is to add your own Min/Max Prices to your products on Amazon.
How Do I Reactive My Listings?
Once your listing has been deactivated you can easily reactivate it by updating the product with a price that is within your Amazon Min/Max Price. Please remember, if your rules in SellerExpress have been setup to allow a price beyond Amazon Min/Max then you’ll need to update your Rules or Min/Max Prices to avoid this happening again.

Can SellerExpress Help? 
As this is Amazon’s Safety Net we don’t upload Min/Max Prices to it. We can still help you with this though. If you get in touch with our support team we can generate a file ready for upload to Amazon with your SellerExpress Min/Max Prices ready to upload to Amazon. Just get in touch and ask.

Please find more information on deactivated listings on Amazon's helpfile here,

Uploading Your Min Max File:
Once our support team give you a MIN MAX file you can upload it to Amazon using the following steps. Please make sure to review the file in details 'before' it is uploaded to Amazon as your Amazon Min Max Prices is your Amazon safety net.

  • Login to your Amazon Seller Account
  • Select 'Inventory' then 'Add Products via Upload'
  • From the 'Upload Inventory Files' dropdown, select 'Price & Quantity File'
  • Browse for your file and upload it

Please note, you will need to complete this process for each Marketplace

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