What Features are available with Rakuten UK?


This help file will outline which features will be available on SellerExpress for Rakuten UK.

First of all you will need to link your Rakuten account to SellerExpress. If you would like to add Rakuten UK to your SellerExpress account please get in touch with the support team via email at support@sellerexpress.com to request that and the team can add that to your account.

You will then notice you have a Rakuten Settings menu under the channels menu, please see here on how you can link your account.

You will be able to control your Rakuten prices from SellerExpress, see more details here on how you can set that up.

You will also be able to control your Rakuten inventory with SellerExpress as you can with all other marketplaces linked with SellerExpress. You can enter your stock quantities to SellerExpress which will be automatically sent to all of your marketplaces. Once you receive orders your stock will also be automatically deducted from SellerExpress and each of your other marketplaces. 

Your orders will also be downloaded so that you can process them through SellerExpress. Order dispatch notifications will be sent to Rakuten for you, and you can also cancel orders with SellerExpress. However if you need to sent a customer refund you will need to do this directly on Rakuten for now.

Please see here for more information on processing orders with SellerExpress.


At the moment product adding on Rakuten will not be available with SellerExpresss. Please see details here now how to add your products.

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