Rakuten UK Account Settings- Rakuten Account Setup


To link your Rakuten UK account to SellerExpress you will need to enter your details on the Rakuten Settings screen. You can find this under the channels menu and selecting Rakuten Settings.

First of all you can enter your Account Name, which is simply the account name for your Rakuten store within SellerExpress, you can set this to be the same as your Shop Name if you like.

You will also need to enter your Shop name in that field as well.

Then to link your account we need you to get your Authentication Key for your Rakuten store, which you can get from your Rakuten Account Manager or email merchant.helpdesk@rakuten.co.uk to obtain this information – explaining you want SellerExpress to integrate with your Rakuten account.


You then also have your enabled box which you can set to Yes or No. While set to no we cannot send any updates to Rakuten or download your orders. Once you are ready to go live with Rakuten you can set that to Yes and SellerExpress will control your inventory, prices, and start to download your orders.


For details on setting your Rakuten pricing, please click here.

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