Royal Mail Integration


If you are using Royal Mail to ship your parcels and not currently using SellerExpress as your Order Processing System Amazon now allow you to buy your Royal Mail Delivery Services directly from your Amazon Account. This would allow you to pay for your delivery ahead of time and print Royal Mail labels directly from Seller Central.

To do this, simply log into your seller account and navigate to the Manage Orders page. From the Order Details page click on the “Buy Delivery” button in the Actions column.

Amazon offers a step-by-step guide on How to Buy Delivery Services and Print Labels in its Seller Central Help area. In its own words, the feature allows you to:

  • Choose a third-party carrier from the available options.
  • Pay for delivery and related services conveniently through your seller account.
  • Print delivery labels on your standard printer.
  • Set a default ships-from address so that you won’t have to enter it for each parcel you send.

When a delivery label is purchased, Amazon will email an invoice relating to the purchase, and notes that any underpayment of labels will be settled between the third party seller and the carrier.

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