Using Amazon European Unified Account - Listing Delisting Errors


Amazon now have the European unified account where you can control your UK, FR, DE, ES, and IT listings all on the one account. These are still separate marketplaces, Amazon although Amazon have set this up so you can  manage your business from a single seller account interface.


Although this may make is easier for some users to manage their marketplaces under the one account, when delisting or listing with the European unified account, all marketplaces being affected instead of just the one you have updated.

If you have got all products listed on all marketplaces and are happy with that then this issue would not affect you, however some customers may want to have some products listed only on UK, and not on the other European marketplaces. This is where the issue is, Amazon have matched everything up and when you list on one marketplace, if you are using the same skus then you have to list on all the marketplaces you are signed up for.

This can cause an issue when, you all a product listed on all your European marketplaces, but want to delist off only one of them. So if you have a product matched up with the same sku and listed on UK, DE, and FR. If you only want to delist from FR, when you delist from FR we will send a request up to Amazon to only delist FR. What Amazon do then is delist from UK and DE, because you have delisted from one site, Amazon delist from all. 

The same issue was happen when listing if you only want to list on one marketplace. So if you have again UK, DE, and FR. You only want to list a product on UK, if you set the product to list on UK, it can also be listed on DE and FR.

So if you are using your own skus you may not to able to list or delist from one marketplace without that automatically updating your other European marketplaces as well. If you have created your listing through SellerExpress, we will give you a different sku for each marketplace so if you leave the, Identifier/Amazon Sku, field blank SellerExpress will automatically generate Amazon skus for you and they will be different for each marketplace so you will not be affected by this.


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