What can I edit / revise in my eBay listings using SellerExpress?


Please note on any Best Offer Products or Auctions, you will not be able to edit this information once you have received a bid.


You can edit the title before someone has purchased your listing, but after your listing has sold once you will be unable to edit the title.

To revise your eBay listing you can do this from the eBay settings on the marketplace tab on the product page.


Once you click the green cog you will see the eBay settings.


 Here you can edit the following information on your eBay listing

  • Title
  • Description
  • Listing Duration
  • Buy it Now price
  • Auction Start Price
  • Best Offer Threshold
  • Image
  • Template (It will update based on the description on the product or the template on the profile)
  • eBay Category
  • Shop Category 

You can update the folllowing shipping information.

  • Domestic Shipping Options
  • Domestic Shipping Rates
  • International Shipping Options
  • International Shipping Rates
  • Shipping Dispatch Time
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