How Can I Change The Default eBay Template?


If you do not have your own eBay templete SellerExpress have got a few basic templates that you can choose from. This help file will show how you can set which template you would like to use as default.

You can select which template you want to use as default from the eBay settings screen. You can find this on the menu, under settings, eBay Account Settings. You will then have to click on the eBay account you wish to set your default template, and you should see this screen.

On Default eBay Template you will see there is a drop down menu and you can select from a number of different templates. Once you have got the one you want you can select here and click update on the top right. You can also hit the preview button so you can see what each of the templates look like.

You do not have to use our templates as default, if you have your own template you would like to use as default please contact our support team via email with the details at

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