How To Manually Clear Your Postage Cache


SellerExpress' Automatic Pricing Tool will cache your postage rate as this allows us to reprice your products as fast as we can. This does mean that if you change your postage rate on Amazon then you will need to clear your postage cache.

You can do this automatically by going to "Settings", "Amazon Account Settings", "Price Check Settings" and selecting the "Refresh Postage Cache" button.

If for any reason you cannot complete this process within SellerExpress you can do this manually on the computer your Pricing Tool has been installed on. To do this follow through the following instructions,

- Click on your PCs Start Button
- On Windows XP click "Search", on Windows Vista/7 click into "Search Programs & Files" (ABOVE)
- Type into this box "%appdata%"
- Select "Roaming"
- Enter the "SellerExpress - Auto Pricing Tool" folder
- Enter the "Data" folder
- Delete all files in this folder (BELOW)

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