Seller Account being Throttled by Amazon


What is throttling?

Throttling is the process of limiting the number of requests you can submit in a given amount of time. We send requests to get lowest offer listings and to get the price for your SKUs. When too many requests are sent Amazon then throttle this and makes repricing take longer. Throttling happens to Sellers with a large amount of SKUs on Amazon.

We try to avoid throttling by spreading the requests out evenly however in some instances sellers may need to use the hourly rate type to reduce throttling and ultimately speed up price checking.

Throttling protects the web service from being overwhelmed with requests and ensures all authorized developers have access to the web service.

Amazon have two different kinds of throttling. One limits the number of calls per second or minute, with a restore rate. The other is an overall limit for a rolling hour period. Amazon have said they can increase the limit and you need to contact Amazon Seller Support for them to decrease the amount of throttling.

If you contact them and ask to put your seller account onto the hourly throttling type instead of the per minute/second type this will improve your repricing and have your prices showing on your Amazon marketplaces faster.

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