Using Multiple Amazon Pricing Rules In SellerExpress

For most sellers a single Pricing Rule is more than enough however for some sellers you need that extra flexibility of pricing different products in different ways. This helpfile will explain how to price different products in different ways. If you would prefer to learn how to use just a single rule then click here.

Grouping Products:
SellerExpress has been designed to allow you to group your products in a number of different ways. By grouping your products you can search for them easier and apply different pricing rules to different groups. Below are the fields you can group your products by:
  • Format
  • Supplier
  • Condition
  • Category
  • Department
You can add these grouping options to your products via the SellerExpress product screen or by imports.

Applying Rules To Groups:
In order to have multiple rules you need to apply them to different groups. This means you can setup a group and apply a rule to it. For example, you could setup rules for each of your suppliers. By creating a rule and setting it for a specific group all products in that group will be priced with that rule.

Ie, If you have a rule with the Format ABC applied to it, the rule with Format ABC is used rather than the default rule.

To create a new rule you go to 'Settings', 'Amazon Account Settings', 'Pricing Rules' and hit the 'New' button. Once you have hit the new button give your rule a name, apply whichever grouping options you wish to use and set your settings. Once you are done hit 'Add'.

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