Pricing Tool Isn't Pricing How You Expect : The Common Reasons


The SellerExpress Pricing Tool has been designed to be easy to use yet powerful. From time to time however you might find a product pricing in a way you don't expect. In this helpfile we will take you through some of the steps you can take yourself to see why the product is priced as you expect.

  1. See why your product is priced in 'Why This Price?'

    Before you start the best thing to look at is why SellerExpress is pricing your product the way it is. This will give you clear clues as to where the issue lies. The Why This Price Screen gives you a breakdown of why your product was priced as it was, what rules have been applied and who you are competing with. Find more details on Why This Price and how to use it in the helpfile below.

  2. Pricing Rules

    One of the most common reasons your products aren't pricing the way you expect is the pricing rule isn't setup quite right or the product isn't applying the rule you want. You can review your pricing rules by going to "Settings", "Amazon Account Settings" (Or Play Account Settings if you are using play), "Pricing Rules".

    You can see which rule is applying to your product through the Why This Price Screen which was covered above. Also confirm that the rule you expect is pricing this product. Remember if you have multiple rules then a different rule may be pricing your product.

    For more information on setting up your rules click here.

  3. Cost & Sale Prices

    Your Minimum and Maximum Prices are based on the "Cost Price" and "Sale Price" fields on the product screen. Make sure that these prices are correct and setting the Minimum and Maximum you are expecting. A recent or unplanned change of one of these fields could affect how your product prices.

    Open the Why This Price Screen to see the Minimum and Maximum values set from these values by your rules.

  4. Postage Cache

    SellerExpress' Automatic Pricing Tool will cache your postage rate as this allows us to reprice your products as fast as we can. This does mean that if you change your postage rate on Amazon then you will need to clear your postage cache.

    You can do this automatically by going to "Settings", "Amazon Account Settings", "Price Check Settings" and selecting the "Refresh Postage Cache" button

  5. Max Price Drop

    Setting 6 of your Pricing Rules is "Maximum Price Drop". If you have set this setting to anything other than 0% then you should consider how this will affect your price.

    Find more details on Max Price Drop and how it works here.

  6. Confirm your exclusion Settings & Best Price

    SellerExpress allows you to exclude certain types of Sellers depending on the type of account they have, their prices and your price. The most common of these features is the ability to exclude any sellers who are not FBA. This setting is set in "Settings", "Amazon Account Settings", "Price Check Settings". If you set this option to "Yes" then you will price against Amazon and FBA Sellers only.

    The option best price also allows you to determine what price you will price at if you can't compete with the cheapest seller. This could be because they are FBA or below your minimum price. If Best Price is set to "Yes" then you will compete with the cheapest seller you can, if it's set to "No" then you will price at your Minimum Price if you can't compete with the cheapest sellers.

    Find more details on these features here.

  7. Contact Support

    If you are still unsure why your product is priced this way you can get in touch with our support team who will be happy to take a look at this for you. The helpfile linked here gives you the details you need to email to support.

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