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By using ShipWorks through SellerExpress you can now have your orders automatically exported from to your ShipWorks platform. ShipWorks allows you to directly integrate with various courier and other online shipping services. These include DHL Global Mail, Endicia, Express1, FedEx, OnTrac, UPS OnLine Tools, UPS, worldShip, USP and

If you already have a ShipWorks account or are looking at setting up a new one now definitely is the time to.

What does it do?
Export Your Orders to ShipWorks : SellerExpress allows you to export your orders directly to your ShipWorks platform giving you greater control over invoices, personalised emails to customer and direct integration with many of the best courier services available.
Automatically get Tracking Information: Once you have bought your postage your tracking information will be automatically uploaded to SellerExpress then to your marketplace.
Mark as dispatched from ShipWorks: Once you mark an order as dispatched within ShipWorks it will be marked as dispatched within SellerExpress. 
Decide where to process your orders: You have the control to process your orders through ShipWorks or directly in SellerExpress.
Access to SellerExpress Reports: As all orders are still downloaded through SellerExpress you will still have full access to all your orders and reports on your SellerExpress platform.
How to set it up?
Setting up ShipWorks is easy. Start by starting up your ShipWorks account and selecting Manage tab then “Stores” from the top of the screen. Once the “Manage Stores” screen loads select “Add Store” to start the process of adding SellerExpress to your account.
Once the “Add Store Wizard” starts up select “Generic - Module” from the list and hit next. On the next screen you will need to enter your SellerExpress login details and the URL to login to SellerExpress. Please remember that these are the details to login to SellerExpress and not ShipWorks or your Marketplace account. When you have entered these details hit next.
NB. Your Module URL should be "".
The next screen will show your company settings from SellerExpress. You can edit these if you wish to have separate details within ShipWorks. Hit next to continue.
The next screen will ask you about your initial download settings, set this to be 30 days then hit next.
Next the Online Updates screen explains what details will be uploaded back to SellerExpress. 
Upload the shipment Tracking Number : Tick to make sure tracking numbers are uploaded back into SellerExpress
Set the online order status to : This must be set to “Dispatched” if you want to ShipWorks to automatically set your listings as dispatched on SellerExpress.
When you are ready hit next to continue.
If you are looking to setup an email account to work with ShipWorks you can do it here. If not continue and make sure you add a tick next to "automatically download every" and set this to 30 minutes.
NB. Although you can set this to be downloaded more often than once every 30 minutes as SellerExpress only downloads orders every 30 minutes to an hour you shouldn’t need to set it to download more often. 
Once you've set this you can hit next and you’re done. Orders will now start to download into SellerExpress when they have been set to ShipWorks within SellerExpress. 
How to export orders
Rather than have all orders download to ShipWorks we’re giving you the control to decide which orders are downloaded and which aren't. To set an order to download to ShipWorks simply go to the Pending Orders Screen (Orders, Pending Orders, All Pending Orders).
You’ll notice the “Assign Courier” option at the bottom right of the screen, simply select the orders you wish to export to ShipWorks and using this drop-down set your orders to ShipWorks. 
NB. Once orders have been exported to ShipWorks they will be automatically moved to the "Picking" option so you know which orders have been exported already and print a picking list / reprint invoices.
If you have any other questions regarding SellerExpress’ integration with ShipWorks please contact
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