Startup: Add eBay Product (Import)


Now that you have created your eBay profile let’s take a look at how to list products onto eBay. This helpfile takes a look at how to import your products into SellerExpress using spreadsheets, if you’d like to learn about updating your product onscreen click here.
The first thing to do when creating products using the import is to create a Basic Import Stock File of your new products, this will create the foundations for your products within SellerExpress. This is the same file you used in section 3 of the Quick Start Guide so I won’t go into too much detail.
Simply download your existing stock as you did before and add your new products to the bottom, make sure to include the following fields,
  • Title : Your products title (within SellerExpress, not on eBay)
  • Cost : Your cost price 
  • Quantity : How many of the product you have in stock
  • Condition : The products condition (separate to your condition on eBay)
NB. You should always leave SKU blank when adding new products
NB. Include Barcode if you want to list this product on Amazon or Play as well
Once you've imported this spreadsheet you can move onto the eBay side of your import. Select “Inventory” then “eBay Import” in SellerExpress.
The eBay imports have been designed to make the process of adding new products much easier. You can download a template from this screen. The import applies a profile to your listing, sets it to list for you and lets you add titles, descriptions and images in bulk. The template takes the following details,
  • Sku* : SellerExpress SKU
  • Title : Your listing title
  • ProfileID* : Your profile ID
  • Description1 : First paragraph of your description
  • Description2 : Second paragraph of your description
  • Description3 : Third paragraph of your description
  • MainimageURL* : Your listings primary image
  • AdditionalImageURL : Additional Images (you can have this header with URL upto 11 times)
NB. The file must be in a .txt format.
NB. Required fields are marked with an asterisk* 
NB. If your file is rejected please review this helpfile.
Once you have completed your import you can progress to section 5 of our Quick Start Guide, Review and Go Live.
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