eBay Account Settings - Variation Settings


Access this screen by selecting “Settings” > “eBay Account Settings” > “Variations”

This help topic is also covered in a video tutorial which can be found here.

If you already have existing variations you can select the Modify button on the “Existing Variations” table to edit and update them. If you are looking to add your own eBay Variations select the "New" button.

Creating A New Variation:
Once you have selected to add a new Variation you will need to fill in the following details,

Variation Name : The title of your Variation, this will also be your listing title on eBay 
Main Image : The URL of the primary image used on your listing
Site : Which eBay site this variation will be used on
Category : The eBay category this variation is to be listed in    
Your attributes are the pieces of information which differ between your products within your variation. Examples for clothing would be size, colour, and slogan. 

Once you have selected your eBay category a list of “Required Attributes” may appear, these are required to list variations in that category so must be selected and filled in per product. You will also have a list of “Optional Attributes”, attributes you have setup and used in previous variations which you can use again in this new variation.

To create a new attribute select “Create New Attribute”. You can have up to 5 attributes total per variation.

NB. The Image Attribute is the attribute which the images are based off. If you have a T-Shirt with different colours and each image is of a different coloured T-Shirt, colour would be your image attribute.

Once you have completed your attributes you can add your variation by selecting “Add”. Once a variation has been added you can’t edit the Attributes again so be sure you have them right before hitting the “Add” button!

Once you have added your variation click here to learn how to apply them to products and set your variation live on eBay.

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