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If you notice that you have products in SellerExpress that you think should be listing but aren’t, there are a number of things that you should check. First and foremost SellerExpress uploads at scheduled times so please allow some time once a product is added to SellerExpress for the information to be sent to, and processed by eBay. Click here to see our Upload and Download Schedules

#1 – Confirm all your basic settings have been entered
SellerExpress requires you to enter all your basic eBay settings before you can list your products. Find more information on these settings here.

#2 - Confirm all required profile information has been filled in
If you are using a profile to list you must make sure that all the required fields are filled in. The only field which isn't required on the profile is 'Shop Category'. Find more information on profiles here.

#3 - Confirm your product is in stock 
Double check that your product is in stock and there is also enough stock to be listed. Your Marketplace Quantities Listing Percentage for that marketplace may be restricting the product from listing - especially for low quantity items. Click here for more information on Marketplace Quantities.

#4 – Confirm your product is set to list
Check the product is set to list on this marketplace via the Product Marketplace tab. If the box is unticked, tick it to have your product list on the next scheduled upload

#5 – Check for eBay Listing errors
Check the listed field on the Product Marketplace tab.  If there is an 'X' roll over this with your mouse, if the item has been rejected you will see the reason for this rejection.  Correct the cause of the rejection and your product will list.

#6 – Confirm you don’t have pending orders
Check to see if there are any pending orders for the product. If so complete these orders and adjust your stock levels. Click here for more information.

#7 – Confirm your subscribed to this marketplace
If you are listing on a marketplace make sure you are subscribed to this marketplace. Click here for more information on how to do this

#8 - Confirm your price settings
If your eBay price is based on another price make sure you have a value in that price otherwise your product won't list. For example, if you set your price to be Amazon + £0 but your Amazon price is £0, your eBay price will be £0 as well.

If your product has still not listed after the next scheduled upload contact support for further assistance.

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