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If you notice that you have products in SellerExpress that you think should be listing but aren’t, there are a number of things that you should check. First and foremost SellerExpress uploads at scheduled times so please allow some time once a product is added to SellerExpress for the information to be sent to, and processed by Amazon. Click here to see our Upload and Download Schedules

#1 – Confirm your Barcode (UPC) is correct 
SellerExpress uses your barcode to retrieve the Amazon ASIN - if possible. You can verify a barcode is accurate by using the “Find Box” and selecting “AUK / AUS Barcode”. If your product doesn’t come up, then your barcode is inaccurate and needs updated.

#2 - Confirm your ASIN is correct
The barcode Amazon has may differ to the one you have. Different Amazon marketplaces at times have different ASINs. You can verify an ASIN is accurate by using the “Find Box” and selecting “AUK / AUS Keyword”. If your product doesn't come up, then your ASIN is inaccurate and needs updated.

#3 – Confirm your product is on the Marketplace’s Catalogue
SellerExpress can only add products if they are already on your marketplaces catalogue. If the product doesn't exist you’ll need to add it first. Click Here for more information on how to do this.

#4 - Confirm your product is in stock 
Double check that your product is in stock and there is also enough stock to be listed. Your Marketplace Quantities Listing Percentage for that marketplace may be restricting the product from listing - especially for low quantity items. Click here for more information on Marketplace Quantities.

#5 – Confirm your product is set to list
Check the product is set to list on this marketplace via the Product Marketplace tab. If the box is unticked, tick it to have your product list on the next scheduled upload

#6 – Confirm FBA isn’t ticked for non-FBA products
Unless your product is being fulfilled by Amazon, the FBA box shouldn’t be ticked. It is located next to List on the Product Marketplace Tab. If this is ticked, untick it. 

#7 – Check for Amazon / Listing errors
Check the listed field on the Product Marketplace tab.  If there is an 'X' roll over this with your mouse, if the item has been rejected you will see the reason for this rejection.  For further information on listing rejection Click here for a list of the most common codes and contact Amazon Seller Help if the issue persists.

#8 – Confirm you don’t have pending orders
Check to see if there are any pending orders for the product. If so complete these orders and adjust your stock levels. Click here for more information.

#9 – Confirm your subscribed to this marketplace
If you are listing on a marketplace make sure you are subscribed to this marketplace. Click here for more information on how to do this

#10 – Confirm you’re not in Holiday Mode
Check that your Amazon account is not on Holiday Mode. Verify this through your Amazon SellerCentral Account.

#11 Un-list, Re-list
If you have checked all of the possible causes above then please un-tick and re-tick the ‘List’ box on the Marketplace tab. This will reflag your product for upload. If your product has still not listed after the next scheduled upload contact support for further assistance.

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