Why this price?

At SellerExpress we are eager to help you make the most of your repricer and have created the ‘Why this price?’ option to each Marketplace’s Current Price. This tool allows you to see exactly why your repricer is getting the price it is.

Next to ‘Current Price’ on the ‘Marketplace Tab’ of the ‘Product Screen’ you’ll see a blue ‘?’. Select this to open up the ‘Why this Price?’ screen. This screen gives an explanation of which of your rules has been applied to your product as well as which Setting of that rule. It further gives a breakdown of you and your competition’s Total Price as well as their Sale Price and Postage. For ease of reference you'll also find your Cost Price, Minimum Price and Maximum Price.

Select the ‘View Pricing Rule Summary’ option to see a summary of your full rule for context.

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