Startup: Amazon Setup


If you’re looking to setup your Amazon Initial Settings click the relevant option on the Initial Settings Screen. We will take you through the simple steps needed to link your Amazon and SellerExpress accounts now.

NB. If you are having any issues following the steps below you can also see them in the video at the bottom of this helpfile
NB. If you get a message that you have an Invalid Seller Account this normally means you don't have a pro-merchant Account. SellerExpress requires you to have a pro-merchant account, if you don’t have one click here to learn how to get one.
Click the “Link Account” button. Once this window opens click the button “Sign Up for MWS”. Once the next screen loads select “I want to use an application to access my Amazon seller account with MWS”. At this stage you will need to add SellerExpress' Application Name and number to the boxes provided, these details are below,

Application Name:  Sellerexpress
Developer Number: 3464-6973-0700

Once you have entered these details hit “Next”. Agree to Amazon’s Terms and Conditions and hit “Next” one last time.
You should be faced with a screen much like the one in the image below, copy your Merchant ID back into SellerExpress. 

If you have any issues linking your account please do contact
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