Startup: On Screen Inventory


There are several ways of navigating your products within the SellerExpress software, each of the methods below show you how to go to the “Product Screen” which you can edit the details of your product. 

Click Here to learn about “Titles in Stock”
Click Here to learn about “The Find Box”
To update your products quickly or in Bulk the “My Inventory” Screen is the best way to go. Select “Inventory” then “My Inventory” to access this screen,
The My inventory screen is a filter search, this means that you select options from the dropdowns and the system will display products which match the criteria you have selected. For example, in the image below products which are both “In Stock” and “Listed on” “” are displayed.
NB. To display all your products select the option “Price” “>” “-1”.
Once you have displayed your products click on one of them and you’ll notice the row becomes editable. Once you've made your edit hit “Update” on the right hand side to save the change you have made. You can then move on and edit other products.
NB. There are options to display more products per page and move to other pages at the bottom right of the screen.
If you wish to try out our more advanced Excel Import to update your stock click here. Otherwise make your changes and when you are finished you can return to the Quick Start Guide for section 4, Review & Go Live.
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