How do I edit Product Information?


First you need to find the product you want to update. 

Use the Search facility at the top of SellerExpress and enter details into the Find box and choose
SKU/Barcode to search by SKU or Barcode
Keyword to search by title
then hit Go. You'll then see the product screen displayed for this product.

Alternatively, select an on-screen product list from the Inventory section on the Dashboard or the Inventory menu at the left in SellerExpress, then click on the product and you'll then see the Product Info screen displayed.

Or, use the My Inventory search options, available from the Inventory Menu or from the My Inventory link on the Dashboard.

Once in the Product Info screen you can edit any of the information (apart from read only fields like SKU) then click Update in the top right corner of the Product Info screen to save your changes.

For eBay Products, select Listed on eBay from the Inventory menu then select the product you want to edit. Once selected you can click the green cog icon to ‘Modify eBay settings for this Product’.

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