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Sometimes products can get rejected by Amazon after upload, for various reasons. After an upload you can check the Amazon error report in SellerExpress, reports / Amazon Errors.

In this report you can see Sku’s that didn’t get accepted and the reason why they were not accepted. Some of the common reasons and explanations are shown below:

Item with this SKU is already closed.

When SellerExpress send uploads to Amazon the upload file will also contain a list of products that need to be taken off Amazon (items that have no stock left, have sold out etc.) This error message basically means that the product that SellerExpress is telling Amazon to delete has already been taken off. This message can be ignored.

Item with this SKU is not found in our system.

This will usually be caused by a product that does not have a ListingID (ASIN) and has a barcode not recognised by Amazon; the best way to get this product listing is to search for it on Amazon and to update SellerExpress with the correct ListingID (ASIN).

The product id provided for the item is invalid.

This is basically the same error as above and the same procedure should be followed. If you follow these steps and the item still does not list after your next upload you should contact Amazon Seller Help.

Listing of this item is restricted to authorized and pre-approved sellers only.

This means that Amazon have a select list of Sellers that they allow to sell the affected product. If you see this message it means that you will not be able to sell the product until such times as Amazon lift the ban on new sellers.

You are not allowed to sell this item in this condition. or

There is a restriction in effect at the item level (because of item-level gatings on an offer)

This means that Amazon are currently only accepting this product in a certain condition (it usually means that you can only sell used version of the product and not new). There is a simple work around to this issue; you can edit the condition on the product in SellerExpress (you can change the description for the product in the Marketplace tab to reflect its real condition).

NB Alternative method
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