How Do I Turn Off SellerExpress Auto Pricing?

The SellerExpress Automatic Repricing Tool is extremely powerful and gives you the ability to update your prices automatically within the minimum and maximum prices you set. Not everyone will want to make use of this tool 100% of the time so this helpfile will explain how you can turn off your repricer for a single product, in bulk or completely.

NB. If you turn off your repricing tool then the last price in the "Current Price" will remain your price until it is updated.

Single Product (Product Screen):
If you’re looking to stop a single product from Repricing you can do this from the Product Screen’s Marketplace Tab. Under the ‘Price Check’ column untick the box for whichever marketplace you wish to not reprice. Once this has been done your product will no longer reprice.

Small Batches (My Inventory Screen):
If you’re looking to update multiple products at once you can use the My Inventory screen. Simply filter to the products you wish not to price check, select them and set not to reprice using the ‘Bulk Update’ option. Find more details in the following helpfile and video.

Large Batches (Advanced Import Stock File):
If you’re looking to update a large number of products you can update products not to list using your Advanced Import Stock File. Find more details in the following helpfile and video.

All Products (Uninstall): 
If you don’t want any of your products to reprice you can uninstall your repricing tool from your computer. Once this has been done your products will no longer automatically reprice. If you want to change your products prices following turning off your repricing tool you can follow the instructions from Large Batches above to mark all your products not to reprice. Once you’ve done this you’ll be able to update ‘Current Price’ on the Product Screen.

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