My Account- Modify Subscription


A video tutorial is also available for individual marketplace setups.


This screen is used to subscribe and unsubscribe to Marketplaces in SellerExpress.
To add a new marketplace select it from the menu, enter your marketplace log in details and click Submit, then click Update. You will then be prompted to enter the account details in the relevant Settings screen.

The screen also displays currently subscribed Marketplaces.

Virtual Price Checking
A virtual server can be set up to run Auto Pricing Tools, so that you don`t have to leave your computer switched on all the time

Automation of Order Exports, Order Status Imports, Inventory Imports
Automatic jobs can be set up to export/update orders and import stock files

Bespoke Imports and Exports
Sometimes customers require imports or exports that are specific to their business; if these do not exist in SellerExpress our development team can design custom reports to suit your needs

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