Amazon Account Settings- Price Check Settings

Access this screen by selecting ‘Settings’ > ‘Amazon Account Settings’ > ‘Price Check Settings’.

The Price Check Settings Screen allows you to have additional control over when you will reprice against another seller, allowing you to determine what kinds of sellers you reprice against.

Best price:
You can set whether or not you wish to run "Best Price" auto repricing. This means that you will reprice against the second cheapest seller if you are not able to compete against the cheapest (or compete against the third cheapest if you cannot compete against the second, etc) - rather than listing at your Minimum Price. If you want to list at minimum when you can't be cheapest - set this option to 'No'

Compete with FBA Only:
Fulfilled by Amazon are often viewed as gold standard sellers to customers as they associated with Amazon directly. Sometimes you might wish to compete only with these Sellers and ignore others. If this is the case set ‘Compete with FBA Only’ to YES and you’re repricer will only compete against Amazon and FBA sellers.

Refresh Postage:
To speed up repricing SellerExpress will cache your postage on the system rather than getting it every time your repricer runs. This does mean however that if you set custom postage rates for your products and change them you’ll need to reset this cache. Simply do this by selecting the ‘Refresh Postage’ button.
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