How do I get products I've listed on my marketplace into SellerExpress?


All products should be added through SellerExpress and not on the various marketplaces (Amazon, Play, Ebay, etc) you sell on. SellerExpress does not import these products after your initial import is completed.

In the event that you do accidently add a product on to a marketplace you can still get them into SellerExpress with a little work. There are two methods; you can either do this in bulk using an 'Advanced Stock Import' or a product at a time using the 'Find / Search Box' at the top of SellerExpress.

Add the product you’ve already added to Amazon to SellerExpress using the method you prefer. What you must do however is match the following information to that of the product already on Amazon.

Identifier – Must match SKU on Amazon
ASIN - The product ASIN must be added to 'Listing ID' (Not CatNum)

Once you have created these new products they should link to those already on Amazon when the next scheduled upload takes place. Click here to see our upload schedules.

In the event that you have listed products directly on eBay and/or these products must be taken down and added to SellerExpress as new products to list.

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