Can I Delete a Product?

In SellerExpress we feel it is important that your stock and order history is preserved. For this reason and deleting products can have far reaching and unexpected consequences we have not included this option in SellerExpress. You can however set your product not to list, zero the stock and even identify it is inactive in SellerExpress. 

How Do I Set My Product Not To List?
You can set your product not to list by opening your product’s Marketplace tab. Under the header ‘List’ untick the box for the marketplace you wish not to list on. Once you have done this your product will no longer list and will be delisted if it’s already live. You can do this to all marketplaces or just those marketplaces you choose.

NB. You can also set your stock quantity to zero so it doesn’t appear on your ‘Stock Valuation’ reports. Learn more about this report HERE.

How Do I Identify My Product As Inactive?
You can easily identify your product as inactive by using creating a new Format ‘INACTIVE’. Open the Format’s screen (Settings > Formats) and add a new Format by this name. You don’t need to change any of the other settings. Once you’ve created this add it to any products you wish to identify as inactive. This will appear on all search results and product lists involving your product in SellerExpress making it clear which of your products are in use and which aren't.

I Still Need Products Deleted!
If this doesn’t help and you really need products deleted from SellerExpress this can be done by contacting Please be aware that a non-standard support charge will be due for this service.
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