Startup: BigCommerce Setup


Before you setup your BigCommerce account through SellerExpress please make sure you link all other accounts. Now follow the steps below depending on what best fits your needs,

Click here to Setup an Amazon Account
Click here to Setup an eBay Account
Click here to Setup an PlayAccount

Your already actively selling on BigCommerce:
If you are already actively selling on BigCommerce you will need to follow through the BigCommerce quick start checklist from here. Click here to get started. Once you have completed the steps laid out in this check list you can return to the SellerExpress Quick Start Guide from "2. Pricing Rules".

You aren't yet selling on BigCommerce:
If you aren't selling on BigCommerce yet and are looking at selling on BigCommerce in the future then you can skip setting up your BigCommerce accounts link to SellerExpress for the moment and continue your setup for your other accounts. Come back to this screen once you have completed section "4.  Review & Go Live" on the Quick Start guide to setup your BigCommerce account.
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