Competing with: Competitors / Competing with: Buy Box


You are able to Reprice against either Competitors or the Buy Box. This is set in your Pricing Rules Screen

Competing with: Competitors 
Competing with Competitors means you are repricing against other sellers. This means that if another marketplace seller is the cheapest you will match or beat them as long as they are above your Minimum Price.

On the grathic below you will compete with all sellers including those listed in 1 (The Buy Box), 2 (competitors) and any other sellers that don't appear on the front page.
Competing with: Buy Box
Competing with the Buy Box means you'll ignore all other sellers and only compete with the seller who currently has the Amazon Buy Box. Please remember that the seller who gets the Buy Box is calculated on more than price so this shouldn't be misunderstood to be a method of taking the Buy Box, just
 match or beat whoever has it.

On the graphic below you will compete with Amazon at £21.99 only and ignore all other sellers. This is competing with the Buy Box.

NB. If you are competing with the Buy Box and hold the Buy Box then your price will remain static until you loose the Buy Box.

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