I Want To List My eBay Products To Amazon, How Do I Do It?

If you have your products already listed on eBay and are looking to get them listed on Amazon SellerExpress can help you with this. Amazon have stricter controls over products that can be listed than eBay including requiring a Barcode to list in most categories Iif you are unsure if your products can be listed without a Barcode we would recommend contacting Amazon to confirm.

My Products are available for Sale from other sellers on Amazon:
If someone else is already selling your products on Amazon all SellerExpress needs to allow you to list your products onto Amazon is for you to supply either a Barcode or ASIN for your products. SellerExpress will use this to link onto existing listings allowing you to list to Amazon very easily.

You can add the Barcode number to your listings through SellerExpress on-screen or through an import. Details on where these can be added can be found in the helpfiles below,

  • The Product Screen - Link
  • Basic Import Stock File - Link

My Products are unique and nobody else sells them on Amazon:
If you are selling unique products where are not on Amazon yet then SellerExpress can help you add these products on our Professional Package and higher. In the event that you are using our Basic or Standard package you can still add these products however you would need to add them to Amazon yourself then import these into SellerExpress. Amazon can assist you with listing these products in bulk, please find information on bringing these listings into SellerExpress in the helpfile below,

  • Products not on Amazon's catalogue - Link
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