Startup: eBay Profiles


Before you go live with eBay you need to setup your profiles, to do this click 
“Settings” > “eBay Account Settings” > “Profiles”
SellerExpress allows you to create Profiles for eBay listings that you can apply to products as they are added, ensuring rapid entry of basic information that will generally always apply to products. This means you would only apply a few details (such as image, description, variations) on a product by product basis.
When adding a profile select which eBay and account (If applicable) this profile is to apply to. On the eBay Profile dropdown select “Add new Profile”, this dropdown will hold  a list of your profiles when you have added a few of them.
On the “Info tab” you’ll  need to enter the following information,
eBay Profile : Name your profile
Sale Type : Select what type of listing you want to make (Auction, Buy It Now)
International Visibility : This is not the same as selling internationally.  Learn more about this setting here.
Once you have selected your “Sale Type” you will be able to set various prices including Reserve and Best Offer. These prices can be based on various fields on your products including Cost, Sale and Amazon prices. You then have the option to add a percentage or value to these.
 The "Listing Template" tab allows you to set up how you want your listing to appear on eBay. There is a Default Template available which can be used by checking the "Use Default Template" box. 
You can use your own eBay listing template by clicking "HTML" and pasting your code here. You can also create your own template using the page editor.
NB. If editing or using your own template you can include the following tags:
SellerExpress_eBay_Title :Is replaced on your listing by the listings title
SellerExpress_eBay_Image : Is replaced on your listing by the listings primary image
SellerExpress_eBay_Description: Is replaced on your listing by the listings description
SellerExpress_eBay_AdditionalImages: Is replaced on your listing by the listings other images
NB. You should keep the information on your template generic and then add product specific details into your description when adding the product. You should only add information such as returns policy and postage information to your template.
The "Shipping" tab allows you to set a Dispatch time, Shipping Options and Prices for both Domestic and International shipping. Select the type of Shipping you offer from the dropdown menus and set your prices.
NB: Even if you want to have free delivery you need to include a shipping type, just set the price to 0.00
NB: If you want to offer International Delivery simply select an International shipping option
NB: Limit which countries you wish to offer your product to by selecting the region specific prices
Once you’ve added your postage information hit “Add” to save your profile. At this stage you can go back to the “Info tab” to complete new details which can now be done.
On the Info tab you can now add,
Shop Category : Your eBay Store Category. If your categories don’t appear click ‘Refresh’
eBay Category : The eBay category you’re selling in
Condition : What condition your product will be
Listing Percentage : Click here to learn about Marketplace Quantities
Duration : The duration of your listing.
NB. GTC is shorthand for Good Till Cancelled, this means the product will continue indefinitely unless cancelled or you run out of stock.
With your eBay profiles set up you can go ahead and start listing products, click here to learn how. Once you're ready you can return to the Quick Start Guide and do our final section, 5, Review & Go Live!
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