Startup: Installing The Repricing Tool


This help topic is also available in the form of a video tutorial which can be found here.

The final step in going live before hitting the enable accounts button is to install your repricing tool. If you have not setup your repricing rules then please return to section 2, Pricing Rules in our Quick Start Guide.

To do this browse back to the Dashboard and you should see a message on the left hand side saying “Download Auto Pricing Tool”. Click on this link and the download process will begin. Simply follow all on screen instructions and the tool should install in a few minutes.

Once the install has completed you will have to log into the Auto Pricing Tool with your SellerExpress log in details.

NB. This must be downloaded and installed on a Windows based PC that can be left switched on. If you don't have a Windows PC or you don't wish to leave your PC switched on then please contact to ask about our Virtual Pricing Machines.

The final step for setting up the Auto Pricing Tool is to set up your Schedule for how often you want it to run. To do this, click on “Settings’ then “Amazon Account Settings” (Play Account Settings for Play). Once the new screen is open expand the menu named “Scheduling” (Scheduling / Pricing Tool Download for Play) by clicking on the “+”. The screen should look like the one pictured to the left.

On this screen you can set how often you want the tool to run and at what time you want it to start each day. Once you set these details click on “Update”. With your pricing tool installed you can return to our Quick Start Guide to Review & Go Live.

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