Startup: eBay Setup


If you’re looking to setup your eBay Initial Settings click the relevant option on the Initial Settings Screen. We will take you through the simple steps needed to link your eBay and SellerExpress accounts now.
NB. If you are having any issues following the steps below you can also see them in the video at the bottom of this helpfile 

This set up Screen will take you through setting up all of your eBay details. You will need to enter the following details to before you link your account,

Internal Account Name: A name for your account within SellerExpress
Item location:
The location of your stock, this is normally listed as your city / county.
Choose Country: Your country
Post/ZIP Code: Your post code or Zip Code (Used for item location)
PayPal email address: The email address associated with your PayPal account.

Once you have filled in all these details hit “Authorise Access”. This will bring up eBay, follow through the onscreen instructions to link your account. Once you’re done make sure to hit ‘OK’ rather than the ‘X’ on the top right. Congratulations, your eBay account is now linked, select "Finish" to return to your initial settings screen.

NB. You must have cookies enabled on your browser to setup eBay. If you are warned that cookies are not enabled follow the onscreen instructions to setup enable them.

if you have any issues linking your account please do contact

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