Enabling Your Account


This help topic is also available in the form of a video tutorial which can be found here

Once you have gone through the SellerExpress Startup Guide or To-Do Lists it's time to enable your account and let SellerExpress control your inventory, pricing and order processing.

Once you have gone live the following actions must be completed through SellerExpress,
• Update product stock quantities
• Update product pricing (if not using the Repricing tool)
• Add all new products
• Process your Marketplace Orders

NB: Once you are live you should now only make changes to your products in SellerExpress and not directly on your marketplace accounts. If you do make changes on your marketplace accounts directly these will not be reflected in SellerExpress and may cause inconsistencies and errors in stock.

To Enable Your Account simply click "Enable Accounts" on your menu bar within SellerExpress. Accept the terms and conditions and your account will be enabled. If you are at all unsure about enabling your account please do contact support@sellerexpress.com and we'll be happy to review your account with you before going live.

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