Product not priced / priced incorrectly (Amazon)


If you have a product in SellerExpress that doesn’t seem to be priced correctly there are a number of things you should do:

Check that the Auto Pricing Tool has been downloaded and is running - check the following document:

Have you changed your Amazon username and password recently? If so they need to be updated in SellerExpress

If it has been downloaded and it’s running then you should:

 - Search for the product in SellerExpress.

-Make sure that it is in stock (out of stock products won't price by the Auto Pricing Tool)

-Go to the Marketplace tab

-Click on Why This Price, this should explain the products current price

-Check that the product has a ListingID (If it has no ListingID it won’t price by the Auto Pricing Tool)

-Check that the product is set to list on Amazon

-Check that Price Check has been enabled for the marketplace in question

N.B The Auto Pricing Tool takes time to run, are you sure that it has had time to finish and update with new prices?

If you are still unsure after this please let SellerExpress support know

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