How Do I View My Auto Pricing Tool Logs?



From time to time support might ask you to send your Log Files to them. This helpfile will let you know how to do this. The first three sections of this helpfile will explain how to find them while the forth explains how to send them to us.

Log Files Amazon:
Begin by locating the SellerExpress - Auto Pricing Tool icon  in the bottom right of your screen. You may need to click the arrow to the left of these icons to expand the view in order to find it. Once found, right clicking this icon will present you with a list of options, including 'View Logs'. Select this option, and you will see a number of dated folders, each containing a day’s worth of logs.


Send flat files:
Begin by entering the lines below into the Windows Run or Search facilities.
Amazon - %/SellerExpress - Auto Pricing Tool/ flatfiles
Play - %AppData%/SellerExpress - Play Pricing Tool\


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