Automated Imports / Exports


Here at SellerExpress we are aware that some of our customers need some of our features to be automated which is why we have set up automated stock imports and order exports as extra add on features.

For stock imports you can choose between our basic import and advanced import file (examples of both available below)

NB. Templates and Example are available by selecting Inventory, Import Products.

To use this feature we create a secure FTP folder on our server and give you access to it – you then add your import files and SellerExpress will automatically pick these up on a pre-defined schedule and import them into your SellerExpress account.

Order Exports

As for order exports SellerExpress will send your order files to this FTP folder on a pre defined schedule and you can then access this folder and view your orders.  A sample order file is shown below: 

 If you would like to use any of these features then please contact and let us know.


Note - this feature is only available to full customers not trial customers.

Custom imports/exports can also be developed for a fee. Again contact if you are interested.

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