Base Currency in SellerExpress in Euro or Dollar?


SellerExpress currently is designed for a base currency of GBP.

Non GBP sellers who wish to use SellerExpress but with a base currency of Euro or Dollar etc - can still do so. You should do the following:

  • Ensure you choose Manual currency rates instead of automatic
  • Change the rates for each currency - with values assuming that your currency is the 'Base' currency e.g. if you are a Euro Seller - then the base to GBP rate will be the conversion rate for Euro to GBP
  • If your base is Euro - then the Base to Euro rate should be 1
  • If you base is Dollar - then the Base to Dollar rate should be 1
  • Hit the update button on the top right corner of the screen

NB - You will still see £ displayed throughout SellerExpress when referring to product prices or values on the dashboard etc. But the values for these are actually in your base currency. Orders always remain in the currency they were placed in - regardless of what base currency you use in SellerExpress.

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