Create Order Screen (Manual order creation for other sales channels)


This screen allows you to create your own orders. This is useful if you have orders that you wish to process but which come from non SellerExpress channels - such as telephone, your own site etc

To create an order:

  • Select the currency from the dropdown
  • Set the quantity of the item (defaulted to 1)
  • Enter the SKU, barcode or title of the product. If only 1 item is found - then this will automatically be added to the order. If more than 1 item is found - you must click on the appropriate product to add it to the order
  • Repeat the above step(s) for each item in the order
  • If you need to remove an item, or change the quantity or sale price for each product on the order you can do so 
  • Hit the Finish button to create the order
  • Hit reset if you want to clear the screen

NB - the price that will be displayed for each product will be the Sale price from the product screen.

NB - created orders are automatically marked as complete. If you need to pick these orders you may need to reset the order status to pending/picking on the orders screen

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