What is the Import Product Screen (Multiple Supplier)?


This screen is used to import new and update existing products. The import file must be a comma separated values (.csv) file. The file template is available to download and you can request and download reports in this file format in the reports screen to update existing products.

The information available to provide for each product is as follows, * denotes required data:

Default Sale Price
AUK Price
Play Price

Import Options:
List on Amazon - Sets List on Amazon for new products.

List on Play - Sets List on Play for new products.
Update Products if Found - Updates existing products.
Add New Format - Adds format to SellerExpress if it doesn't exist.
Reprice on Amazon - Sets Amazon repriceable for new products.
Zero Quantity for Items Not in File - Zeros quantities for items not in file for Suppliers.
Replace Quantity if Found (Appends if Unchecked)  - Replaces or adds to product quantity for existing products.

1) Excel displays long numbers such as barcodes in Scientific Notation. In order to import the long numbers as a number you will have to format the cell as Numeric with 0 decimal places.

2) No commas in any text fields are allowed.

The import will find and update products by barcode, unless a SKU is entered, then the product will be found and updated by SKU (NB this is the SellerExpress SKU, any other SKU will not be accepted).

4) AUK Price and Play Price will not update unless the item is set to not Price Check for AUK and Play respectively.

5) If you select zero stock on the import screen you will zero stock for all suppliers not in the file if more than one supplier exists in the stock file, otherwise it will zero stock for items for the one supplier in the stock file.

When the import is complete you will receive an email with the import results. The results indicate number added, updated and rejected. If any products are rejected a file indicating why each product was rejected will be attached.

The following are possible rejections and their explanations:

1) Corrupt Barcode - The barcode was possibly corrupted in Excel when modifying the stock file, to reduce this possibility format the barcode column as a Numeric with zero decimal places before saving.
2) Duplicate SKU - More than one of same SKUs exist in the stock file. 
3) Duplicate Barcode - More than one of the same barcode exists in the stock file. 
4) Invalid SKU - The SKU is not a whole number. 
5) SKU Doesn't Exist - SKU doesn't exist in SellerExpress. 
6) Invalid or Missing Barcode - Barcode doesn't exist in stock file or is not a whole number. 
7) New Barcode Already Exists - You cannot update the barcode for the SKU because the barcode already exists. 
8) Missing Title - Title must exist in stock file. 
9) Invalid or Missing Quantity - No quantity exists in stock file or quantity value is not an integer. 
10) Invalid or Missing Cost Price - No cost price exists in stock file or is not numeric.
Invalid Sale Price - Sale price value exists in stock file but is not numeric. 
12) Invalid Play Price - Play price value exists in stock file but is not numeric. 
13) Play Price Required When Pricing Set to No - Play price must exists when Play pricing set to 'No'. 
14) Invalid AUK Price - Amazon UK price value exists in stock file but is not numeric.
AUK Price Required When Pricing Set to No - Amazon UK price must exists when AUK pricing set to 'No'. 
16) Format Doesn't Exist - Format in stock file doesn't exist in SellerExpress.

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