What is the Product Info Screen? (Data entry / Add Product / Update Product)


This screen is used to Add / Update product information. It holds primary information for a product such as Barcode, Prices, Quantities etc.

SKU is a read only field - automatically generated when a product is added. This cannot be changed and uniquely identifies the product. When products are then uploaded to marketplaces - it uses the SKU (along with other information/text) to load the product on those sites. You can use the SKU to quickly find a product via the SellerExpress search box. Sku is also used by the SellerExpress support team to identify products.

Barcode is mandatory - but you can use the Generate button if you do not have one. You can also use the Alias link to add additional barcodes that are then linked to this product also. Barcode is used to get the ASIN from Amazon to identify a product also.

Title is mandatory and your title/name for the product - and is not used by marketplaces.

Cost is mandatory and is your cost price. This is often then used in pricing rules to set a minimum price for your stock.

Default sale price is not directly used for marketplaces - but again can be used in pricing rules if you choose to - instead of cost price. This field is what SellerExpress uses on the Create Order screen (via the Orders menu) - so can be used if you have sales via non SellerExpress channels - like EPOS, telephone, catalogue etc. Note this is not marketplace prices - see the marketplace section of the product screen for these prices.

GM% is a basic calculation of profit (using Cost and Default prices).

Quantity is mandatory and is your total amount of stock for that item/SKU.

Location can hold any type of information - but often holds data on where an item can be found for picking/packing e.g. Aisle 2, Shelf 3 etc

VAT is calculated using the VAT rates in the VAT Settings screen.

Manufacturer field can contain any alphanumeric characters and are for your information purposes.

Identifier if this field is populated it will be used as the SKU for a product on all Amazon marketplaces.

CatNum field can contain any alphanumeric characters and are for your information purposes.

Supplier, Format and Condition are drop down fields. Condition is mandatory - the other two can be left blank if required. See the Settings section for modifying these lists to suit your needs.

Product Image is for illustration purposes only and is not stored in SellerExpress - These come from Amazon UK and may not be available for all products.

There is a link to add additional information (custom fields) if the user wishes, e.g. you may want a field for colour, size etc.

Marketplace tab holds the pricing/listing information for marketplaces.

Additional Info is less essential product information - but still may be useful.

Sales History is sales information for this product.

History Info can show historical price, quantity and barcode information.

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