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In SellerExpress you can update product information for eBay listings by adding a new product, or selecting an existing product from `Titles in Stock`, then expanding the `Marketplace` tab.

NB. Currently only `Price` and `Quantity` qualify for revising. If you revise other information after your listing has gone live on eBay this will not take effect until the product is relisted.

 Select a profile from the Profile dropdown menu. A search of the eBay category assigned to the profile will take place. If your product is found in the eBay catalogue, the `Catalogue Item` field will already be populated. If your product is not in the eBay catalogue, `Sell Similar` will be listed in the `Catalogue Item` field. Click this to search for a similar product or the same product with keywords. Select one from the results to retrieve the catalogue information, including image, for your listing.

To edit the product information click the green cog `Modify eBay Settings for this Product` icon from the eBay table.

Listing Information
eBay Profile
: Here you can select a profile you have already set up, this automatically assigns settings to products. If not using a profile you can edit the settings as required for specific products.
Sale type: You can enter either a starting price for an Auction or Buy it Now price.
Shop Category: Enter what category of your eBay shop you want the product to list in.
eBay Category: Choose eBay Category from a list of available categories. International Visibility: This will determine if your product is available in searches by international buyers.
Condition: Enter Condition of item.
Duration: Enter how long you want the product to list for, 3, 5, 7, 10 or 30 days. GTC is Good till Cancelled.

Enter the description you want to appear on eBay. This will appear as part of your template if you choose to use the Default Template.

Here you can upload the images you want to appear in your listing. The 1st image uploaded will be used as the main listing image. The remainder of the images will appear in the listing template.

Enter the template for the listing. A Default template is available; make sure the Use Default Template checkbox is ticked to apply it.

Enter the Shipping Costs for your product. You must enter 2 different options. If International Visibility is turned on, you must enter 2 different International Shipping options.

Once you have everything entered as you want it, click "Update" to apply all the settings to your product.

N.B - Shipping types with DISABLED in the name have been removed by eBay. Any listings using disabled shipping types should be revised.

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