How Do I Refund Or Cancel An Item?


From time to time you may need to send refunds and cancel your orders. SellerExpress allows you to do this from within our system making the process as easy as possible.

Cancelling & Refunding in Bulk:
You can cancel and refund orders in bulk using any of our order screen. 
You need to tick the "Select" box for each of the orders you wish to refund. To Refund your orders then change the "Change Status To" option to "Refunded"

Please be aware that if you do this process in bulk your orders will have their full amount refunded. A popup lets you decide if you wish to add the quantity from these orders back into stock or not.

NB. Bulk refunding is only available on Amazon & Play orders, for eBay orders use Product Level refunding.

Cancelling & Refunding on the product level:

You can cancel and refund orders on any of our order screen. Click on an order to open up more details about the order below the orders table. On the right hand side of the new area you'll notice an "Item Status" dropdown box. Select "Refunded" on this dropdown to cancel and refund your product. 

The refund box will open which allows you to have greater control over what is refunded, cancelled, reason for cancellation and weather to put the product back into stock. 

Once you hit OK on this screen for Amazon and Play your order will be refunded automatically for you. On eBay orders you'll be prompted to login to PayPal to complete the process.

NB. If an order has already been cancelled and refunded it won't be refunded a second time.

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