Marketplace Quantities Screen


Access the Marketplace Quantities Screen by selecting ‘Settings’ > ‘Marketplace Quantities’.

The Marketplace quantities screen gives you the power to decide how much of your stock will be listed on each of your marketplaces. You can control this with a percentage and the minimum number of stock you should have in stock to list. SellerExpress has been specially designed to deduct your stock from each marketplace once an order is received; you can use Marketplace Quantities as an extra level of protection. 

NB: If you wish to put 100% of your stock on each marketplace set Listing Percentage to 100% and Minimum Quantity set to 0.

If using a unified European Amazon account the percentage set for one marketplace must match all the marketplaces covered by the unified account.

For example: If you are listing on AmazonUK, AmazonDE and and want to split the stock to 70% and 30% - Set both AmazonUK and AmazonDE to 70% and set to 30%.
If you are only using a unified Amazon account and listing on AmazonUK, AmazonFR and AmazonDE - set all the marketplace quantities for UK, FR and DE to 100% 

Percentage Listed:
The percentage listed is what percentage of your stock should be listed on that Marketplace. For example, 

Quantity in Stock = 200
eBay = 50% (100 listed)
Amazon UK = 75% (150 listed)
Play = 10% (20 listed)

NB. Marketplace Quantities still affect listings even if you have set other marketplaces not to list.

Min Quantity:
The minimum quantity allows you to set how many of a product you must have in stock before it listed on each marketplace. For example,

Quantity in Stock = 3
eBay = Min Quantity 1 (3 listed)
Amazon UK = Min Quantity 3 (3 listed)
Play  = Min Quantity 5 (0 listed)

The quantities columns show the number of units you will list on each marketplace for quantities 1,2,3,5 and 10 for the different percentages / minimum quantities listed you enter on this screen.
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