Do I Have To Use SellerExpress To Process My Orders?


SellerExpress has a full order processing system built into it and we urge customers to try this out, but from time to time we have customers who move over to SellerExpress for stock management / price checking etc but who still want to use their old system for picking orders. 

If you really want to stay with your old system then we ask that you let us know by emailing and asking to be “excluded from the order dispatch uploads”.

This is important for a few reasons:

·         SellerExpress takes pending order count into consideration when uploading, so if you have a lot of pending orders sitting in SellerExpress then your quantities being uploaded may not be correct

·         When an order is completed manually in SellerExpress an order dispatch file is sent to Amazon to alert them that the order has been posted.  If you have already completed the order on Amazon or you other system SellerExpress will over write the dispatch date

If you contact us and ask to be excluded from the dispatch uploads we will set your account to automatically complete orders downloaded into SellerExpress and we will also disable the upload to Amazon so you can continue to use your other order processing system.

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