Common Reasons For Orders Not Downloading Into SellerExpress


SellerExpress will request and download order reports every hour from each marketplace however there can be some cases when your orders may not be available. Below is a short checklist of the common reasons for orders not downloading into SellerExpress.

  1. The Marketplace has been disabled on SellerExpress. Click Settings, eBay/Play/Amazon Account Settings to check. If there is a red X next to your marketplace it's disabled. Click on the red X to enable your account.

  2. Orders are still pending payment with the marketplace and will not be available in SellerExpress until the marketplace clears payment.

  3. Order reports have been delayed by the marketplaces for some reason (high volume of order report requests/system issues).  Allow some more time and the marketplaces will deliver the order reports.  It’s always worth checking with the marketplace if there any issues with the order report systems if you need to be sure.

  4. The order has since been cancelled by the buyer/marketplace.  Contact your marketplace if you have any questions regarding these orders.

  5. The SKU linked to the sale does not exist in SellerExpress.
    For Amazon, the Merchant SKU should be in the "Identifier" field
    For eBay, the Custom Label should be in the "Cat Num" field
    For Play, the SKU should start SELEX and end with the SellerExpress SKU number

    If the product SKU isn't within SellerExpress we won't be able to download the order
  6. Your order is for an FBA product. Normally FBA orders are not downloaded into SellerExpress. If you wish to download your FBA orders contact our support team at

  7. If you have multiple SellerExpress accounts ensure you are logged into the correct account.

  8. The order may not be in the order status you expect (Ie, Pending) Use the “Order ID” search option from the Find Box (Top Left). Search the Marketplace Order ID to make sure the order isn't in SellerExpress

  9. If you have just enabled your account only orders from the moment you first enable your account will be downloaded into SellerExpress.

  10. If your marketplace account has been suspended by the marketplace your orders will no longer download into SellerExpress.  To check if your marketplace has been suspended please contact the marketplace help team.

If you have checked all the items above and you find your order is still not listed in SellerExpress then please contact our support team at

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