Item Quantity different in SellerExpress and marketplaces? (or Item not listed)


A common seller question is - Why do I have 10 in stock on an item yet I'm only showing 7 on Amazon?

There can be several reasons for this:

  • Check the listing percentages you have set in the Marketplace Quantities Settings screen (accessible from the Amazon Settings screen). For example - you may have set the listing percentage to 70% (to avoid overselling if listing on multiple marketplaces) - hence it will list 7 rather than 10
  • You may have pending orders for the item. In the above example - you may have 10 in stock - but 3 pending orders - hence only 7 will show on Amazon/Play (if listing at 100%). This again is to avoid overselling. When you complete the pending orders - the stock levels will adjust.

Reminder - number listed is affected by both the listing percentage you have set and will also be minus any pending orders.

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