Customised Reporting (Sales reports for a date period etc)


SellerExpress has a number of predefined Reports - which should cover the majority of user requirements.

Many of the standard Reports (e.g. Best Sellers) can also be customised in terms of what sales/products they report on.
For example, your Best Seller Report could be set to export products with sales of 10 or more.

The contents or layout of the report cannot be customised at this time.

You can view onscreen reports via the Inventory section of the Dashboard. Several of the screens have a 'Customise' option next to them.
For example, you could customise the Zero Cover Report to show you items that have sold in 7, 30 or 90 days - and for which you either have no stock or less stock than what actually has sold.

Alternatively - the Reports section contains several reports which you can select date ranges etc for.

NB: SellerExpress can develop bespoke reports if required. If you have specific reporting needs that aren't addressed by the standard reporting in SellerExpress - then contact supplying us with your requirements and a quote can be provided.

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