Order Reports – Downloading older orders from Amazon

Normally SellerExpress will ask for the last 2 days worth of orders every time it talks to your marketplace to download new orders. In the unusual case that you need to download more than 2 days worth of orders you can set SellerExpress to do this for you.

NB. The change will only take effect for a single download and then will revert to 2 days. 
To do this go to “Settings” then either “Amazon Account Settings”. Select the lowest tab, “Order Reports” when the page loads.

From the dropdown you can select the time period you want the report to cover. You can select 1, 2, 7, 15, 30 or 60 days. Please note that the 60 day option is only available on Play.com. Once selected click ‘Update’ and your order report will download on our next scheduled order download. Click here to see our download schedules.
NB. This option is not currently available for eBay.
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